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Coyote Hunting

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Default Coyote Hunting

Been dead lately , anyone doing any good yote hunting . I have been getting out couple times a week . Havent been doing very good lately , but after getting all my lights for night hunting . Decided to give it a shot wednesday night for the first time . I can say the coyotes are moving alot more at night . Had a pack of them howling like crazy about 10pm , but couldnt get them to budge . So packed up and headed to a different farm and had one howling and barking at me real close , but couldnt see him . Aside from that had a few curious deer come in and a lonely skunk that was WAY TOO CLOSE for me . He was about 5 feet away sneaking up on me in a field . Not the kind of critter I want to make friends with at 2 am
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