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Lake Norman, NC

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Default Lake Norman, NC

My family and I are taking a trip to Lake Norman in NC this summer and was wondering if anyone has ever fished this lake for Catfish? If so any advise or tricks of the trade so to speak? I enjoy bass fishing but probably will only get a chance to fish seriously in the evenings when everyone is winding down so thought I could target some cats!!!!!

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Man, the top water striper bite at night is what I'd concentrate on. We were catching them off our rental house dock mixed with spots. Listen for em breaking, and cast poppers!

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I fished Lake Norman last August for LM Bass. I'm not a cat fisherman but I seen something interesting early one evening when we were fishing a cove. Local residents were hand feeding catfish in the cove indicated on the map. I don't know how many there were, but the water was boiling with them. And there were some definite 10+ lb'ers. The locals said they come out just about every night and feed them.
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Thanks for the heads up, we are actually staying in a house just a quick boat ride from there. I will keep that in mind, maybe I can take my uncle and blow his mind making him think I know everything about every body of water lol. Our little secret!
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If your going to lake norman and you can only fish at dust or dark WOW poppers or just about any surface lure (zara spook) would work esp. if its a calm night.
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White perch hit really hard before dark...yum...a good eating fish and plentiful. Best cat fishing is near the dam. I believe an 80 pounder was taken there. Almost every gas station in the area sells chicken. Buy old chicken livers and gizzards as well as overfilled chicken at a discount. Lake Norman cats love southern fried spoiled chicken....
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I'm from NC. Born and raised. Lake Norman, along with a few other lakes in the state are STILL what I consider my home lakes.

When you get to Norman, go get you 2 or 3 containers of chicken livers. Small round tubs like butter tubs, next to the chicken in the cooler. I believe the brand name is "Holly Farms." It should be fresh and not frozen. Also, buy a small bag of dry dog food, small package of latex gloves, and a pair of panty hose... largest size you can find.

Go back to your house and set those chicken livers out in direct sunlight. Crush up the dry dog food into a fine powder. Put that into the chicken liver container and mix it up good until it forms a paste with the liver juice. Continue until the container is so full that you can't put anymore in.

Most critical.... Leave it in the sunlight with the lid on all day.

Get in your boat and drive towards the dam. When the water falls to 50'+, put a waypoint in your GPS. While watching your sonar, follow the break line and continue marking waypoints. Also, mark any deep water structure. Go back to the house and get your gear ready. Cut the toes off of the panty hose and tie a small knot in the bottom of the legging. Cut about 2" off above the knot, and tie another knot in the legging. These are your pouches for the liver paste. Pack liver paste into these and tie off the other side so that you have paste held together inside the panty hose that you can stick a hook through and not worry about losing your bait.


At dusk, head back to your waypoints and drift with a nice heavy weight about a foot up from your hook and standby to reel in some hawgs!
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