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Browns vs. Bengals Part 2 12/14/14 - (40 replies)
Looks like the Bengals are p.o'd from that beat down last month. They have come to play and the Browns act like they have a hangover. Hawkins had a bad drop but Johnny isn't showing the accuracy that I was led to believe. High to Gordon. Behind the receiver on the int. shades of Brandon Weeden. Time...
Bass Master Membership Scam! 12/12/14 - (31 replies)
For a few months now I've been getting bills from Bass Masters about some $125 5 year membership crap that I never agreed to. Like all other junk mail it hit the shredder. Well I got another bill in the mail today for the $125 but this time they were threatening to send me to collections. I called...
Get your flu shot 12/15/14 - (26 replies)
I got home yesterday from Pennsylvania's gun season yesterday to see the start of the flu season in our house. Son Is sick... Get your flu shot if you get one. Ski Posted using
Bionic man problems! 12/14/14 - (22 replies)
So 15+ years ago I was in an atv accident and shattered my elbow. I had to have a pin put in in all these years it's never really healed there's always been a nasty scab on my elbow which would come off weekly...anyways I've been putting up with it for quite some time. Fast forward to last night the...
studs & cleats 12/17/14 - (21 replies)
So I spent most of last Sunday on my back, I could not for the life of me gain traction on the muddy shoreline at the grand with my felt boots. So my question is this, the screw in studs look remarkably like gutter screws that I can get at home depot? I just ordered my dad an electric filet knife for...
is Johnny football going to be the answer? 12/10/14 - (78 replies)
Hoyer, is done but do you really think Johnny football will be the answer? I personally think it is bad timing. Hoyer record when Cincinnati is perfect and Johnny footballs is yet to be Know .
Swap 2015: The cheap date 12/3/14 - (60 replies)
Winter sucks, and while it's fun to argue about drowning in waders and/or the presence of cougars in Ohio, we should all put our efforts to better use and tie some flies for each other. Sometimes, I buy stuff to tie flies from the Dollar Store or similar. This swap would involve buying some materials...
More than 65,000 Deer Checked during Ohio's Weeklong Gun Hunting Season 12/8/14 - (53 replies)
COLUMBUS, OH – Hunters checked 65,485 white-tailed deer during Ohio’s 2014 gun hunting season, Dec. 1-7, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR). Rifles using specific straight-walled cartridges were allowed during Ohio’s deer-gun season. Gun hunters took advantage of the new...
Mike Tonkovich - ODNR Deer 12/10/14 - (43 replies)
Tonk will be on with us again tomorrow (Thurs 12/11) 7-8pm. I'll say one thing for Mike he is one of the most approachable scientists you'll ever encounter. He's a hunter too and he'll take the time to listen to you and explain in great detail the factors that go into decisions. He'll even cut-up and...
14 point in Delaware county 11/22/14 - (40 replies)
Got out of bed this morning and could hear the sleet on the Windows. Thought about turning off the alarm but figured with the youth hunt today they might push something my way. Got in the stand about 20 minutes before shooting time. Immediately had activity to my left in the woods. The rains came...
replacing the bench seat 12/18/14 - (No replies)
I'm looking to buy a decent used or even new aluminum boat, I've been looking at the utility series boats from Lund and Lowe, my problem is I like the boat and price except for one thing... I want something other then the damn bench seat. Now, I don't have much knowledge of these boats so I was curious...
Muzzle load... where I ask??? 12/18/14 - (No replies)
Hey ODNR and OGF... what public land hunting grounds will provide the best opportunity to harvest a deer this coming muzzle loader season?
National Fishing Hole Registry - Christmas Gift Idea 12/18/14 - (1 reply)
For only $49.95 you can register your favorite fishing hole with the Snakecharmer's National Fishing Hole Registry. NAME A FISHING HOLE FOR ANY OCCASION Welcome to the Snakecharmer's National Fishing Hole Registry! Buy and name a fishing spot for any occasion right from this site. As the original fishing...
Dude Your Screwed 12/18/14 - (3 replies)
Anyone watch this show ? It has become one of my favorites. This season they have been bringing in "guest victims".
Compressor Cycling Rapidly 12/18/14 - (No replies)
Have a 03 Jeep Liberty recently acquired. During the extreme humid/wet weather this week, at idle w/ the defroster on, noticed the compressor cycling every 3-5 seconds, stopped for 3-5 seconds and constantly repeat. Anyone have an explanation? Perhaps low on refrigerant?
For Sale Clam Yukon Shanty with Thermal top 12/18/14 - (No replies)
This is a 2 or 3 year old, two person shanty in great condition it comes with a clam cover and tow bar. It also has a homemade runner kit that I installed when I bought the shanty. There is a USPlastics store near where I live, the runners are made of very similar or the same stuff that you buy as...
Hydrowave 12/17/14 - (No replies)
I am selling my Hydrowave. Unit was purchased from TW April 22, 2012. The speaker cord was cut in half by my trolling motor bracket. It was soldered back together and sealed with shrink tube and works perfectly. Otherwise the unit is in great shape and works as it should. $275tyd obo.
Black Ruger 10/22 stock 12/17/14 - (No replies)
I have a brand new standard black composite ruger 10/22 stock for standard tapered barrel. It came off the 50th anniversary gun.I couldn't locate a muddy girl rifle so I had to resort to buy this rifle and buy the muddygirl stock separate. Stock and screw only. No band.It's very light. $40 obo. Location:...
Summit Viper- Brand new ....... 12/17/14 - (No replies)
I need some help here I have a brand new Summit Viper(never seen a tree) climber.....Great stand but I need a Summit BIG MAN stand......Anybody have one they might wanna trade/sell?................GOLIATH !
Cannon down rigger swivel bases 12/17/14 - (No replies)
I have a set of brand new bases. They retail for $65 each. I'm selling the pair for $50 plus shipping. Thanks Dave
Can anyone suggest a NICE west basin marina for dockage? 10/5/14
NO bait? Did i read that wrong?
Sheffield Lake Perch 9/16/14
Fished a large school of small perch, nice sized white perch, and award winning sheepers today, in 51 f.o.w., off the condo's. Take LOTS of shinners, you'll be serving them up!!!!
Poor Day 8/27/14
Poor day out of Gordon Park on Tuesday 8/26. On water with 4 fishing at 9 am due north to 47-48FOW with 6 other boats. Marked many fish,but no bites. At 10:30 went to Crib where all fish were up high and 5 boats said they were carching nothing. Returned to original area now in closer at 45 FOW with 18...
Super Moon 8/10/14
Moon smoon. Just fish... actually last year in june during a SUPER moon(looked like you could reach out a touch it) was a pretty great trip! But later found out from a veryknowledgeable ogfer that the moon brought the crawdads out to spawn. And thats what heated up the bite,not the actual moon... I...
Take the sting out of small Catfish fins 6/10/14
[quote=kapposgd;1845825]Rub the area that got stung with the slime on the belly of the catfish Sent from my DROID RAZR using Ohub Campfire mobile app[/quote] That does work. I get stung at least a few times a year catching small channels for flathead bait.
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